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Kutol Introduces New Dispensers
Watch this informative video on KUTOL's new Manual and No-Touch dispensers. A perfect product improvement to keep your environment germ free.
Massachusetts Passes New Composting Regulations
As of Oct. 1, Massachusetts has banned any establishment that creates a ton or more of food waste per week from sending as much as a carrot peel to the state’s rapidly dwindling available landfills. Despite a recycling rate topping 40 percent, Massachusetts businesses and households still toss about 6.5 million tons of garbage every year?—?enough to fill up Fenway Park 74 times. Most of it is piled into a couple dozen landfills where it slowly decomposes, the organic stuff from kitchens and yards spewing the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere, or hauled to a handful of waste-to-energy incinerators where it is burned to create electricity.

Clift Industries' BIO-REM 2000 is the real deal. (VIDEO]
      "Thank you for introducing me and the Fleet Services to this Bio Rem product. 
Many products claim to work whereas this product really does work. It literally is pulling the oils out of our shop floors...This product actually makes our floors less 
slippery on those humid days where moisture wants to just kind of sit on top.

Wow? YES. This product does work.

Awesome? YES, AWESOME.

Awesome seems rare now-a-days."

- Michael August, City of Keene Fleet Services, Keene, NH

THIS is the epitome of a "must-see" product. Safe, cost effective, and non-toxic, BIo-Rem2000 is cleaning without chemicals! Take a look for yourself and be amazed!
New Marketing and Design Branch Launches Kickstarter
J.Calarese&Co is now offering Graphic Design and other marketing services for our principles, distributors, and other projects. Lets us be your new affordable design alternative. Please take a look at our Kickstarter promotion and help us get things off to a great start!
New FOOD EQUIPMENT Lines announced
In addition to J.Calarese&Co's top of line Food Service Supplies, we are now offering 
With the inclusion of dishwashers, ice machines, dehydrators, dough presses and more, J.Calarese&Co can outfit every kitchen corner and countertop.
Perfect pairing of two new lines, Power Washers and Cleaners
J.Calarese&Co is proud to announce two new product lines:

CLIFT INDUSTRIES is Cleaning without Chemicals. It's products are revolutionary and go miles beyond traditional "green cleaning"

SHARK Cleaning Equipment produces pressure washers and jesters or all shapes and sizes, for use in more than simple traditional power-wash applications. 
See how GOOD FOOD STORE is doing away with disposable to-go boxes and opting for G.E.T.'s ECO Takeout Containers. 

TUXTON announces ARTISAN Collection

  The new ARTISAN COLLECTION from Tuxton displays a distinctive combination of art, nature and craftmanship. Each piece looks and feels as if it was hand-thrown, creating a rustic and unique presentation. The lush, vibrant glazes react differently with each firing, so every piece is truly an original. 

Available in three colors inspired by the deserts of California: MojaveNight Sky, and Red Rock. "

" We’ve talked about Tuxton China being a company on the move and when they move….they really do it right. Now, Tuxton is starting 2014 off with new catalogs, new videos, and now they have just announced the release of their newest chinaware line, the ARTISAN COLLECTION."

- Tabletop Journal

For the full PDFs click here

Learn more about TUXTON CHINA
Our friends over at Tuxton have been busy. Check out this new education video brought to you by our favorite China manufacturer. While you're at it, please subscribe to Tuxton's YouTube page for more videos and other information about Tuxton and their products.

See the DIAMABRUSH in action
This time=lapse video is a great example of how the Diamabrush can create shiny, finish-free floors in just seven steps
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